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About Deborah


Hi, I am Deborah. I am so thankful you are here. I am a Christian writer who helps you find joy by seeking the beauty and wonder of God.

I invite you to a life where we encounter joy. We move from dashed to hopeful and discover that Jesus brings comfort even when the world tips over.

Do these questions resonate with you as they do with me?

  • How can I be joyful when I am sad?
  • Do I practice ingratitude or gratitude?
  • Why am I overwhelmed, weary, and defeated?
  • Do negative or comparison thoughts steal my joy?
  • What is God’s plan for my life?

I invite you to come with me to a life where we encounter joy even when our circumstances are not joyful. We move from dashed to hopeful and discover that Jesus brings comfort even when the world tips over.

Only God can fix what is broken.

Why live on the outskirts of life when you can live in the holiness of God.

Join me here as we explore faith, cultivate beauty and joy, and walk the path of peace in God’s globe. Because together we “stir up one another to love and good works“.

I share faith, spiritual growth, and life stories of marriage, family & friends, including some nitty-gritty struggles like weight, body image, and health navigating the seasons of life. Also, you’ll find resources, restaurants, travel, books, and media reviews here. I also pop in reliable skincare & makeup advice, tips, and recipes.


Your past is your testimony –

Due to childhood trauma, I turned away from the church at sixteen years of age. Thankfully, God reached down and pulled me back, dipping me in His glorious mercy. Since I am in love with Jesus telling whoever, I can about His healing, love, joy, and peace. My writing reflects how I was before Jesus and how I am now. Perhaps coming to our Savior in my adult years gives me a unique perspective on before and after.

In 8th grade, I took a creative writing class and that opened my eyes to writing. Soon I was penning poems to Jesus and journaling. Then in college as a Theater Arts Major, I explored playwriting. My passion for poetry brought me to music and songwriting.

Once you get to know me, you’ll find I have many stories, and only by the grace of God am I here to testify. For instance, I was in one of the first girl punk bands, later joining a folk group with a write-up in People Magazine. Also, for 30 years, I have worked as a make-up artist for film and television with many a story to tell.

What do I love to do?

I love journaling and Bible study with a good cup of tea, worship, singing, and walking in nature. But my favorite thing is being a wife and sharing my life with my husband, Christian guitarist-composer Don Rutherford.

Life is a remarkable journey when we are on board with God!

Don and Deborah Rutherford

Grateful you’re here!

Thank you for joining me as we journey through God’s Globe discovering joy through the grace and love of God. I hope that you will like these devotions, stories, prayers, poems, and inspirations, that they will brighten your day, make you smile, or laugh a little.

Blessings & Smiles,


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