Elegance of God’s Song

The elegance of God’s song is in our hearts radiating grace and beauty inside and out. Be the beautiful daughter God created you to be.

Turning Devastation to Restoration

Come see what God can do. Wherever you are in life – whether it be smooth sailing or whether you are on the edge of an abyss – God can turn your devastation to restoration. Our story with God is a love story – God’s love for us.

Worthy Because He Lives

We feel unworthy when we do not know God’s promises. Moreover, God’s promises show us that we are worthy. Worthy because He lives.

When I Ease Into Your Way

Join me here in a prayer to Jesus to ease any suffering or burdens you may be carrying – “When I Ease Into Your Way”.

Like A Lost Sheep

Like a lost sheep – If you are lost and alone turn to Jesus, who will shepherd you home. He will comfort you and protect you. #write28days

Nesting My Home, Heart and Soul

God reveals my need to feel safe and comforted. This need transforms my emotional and spiritual state while nesting home, heart and Soul.

Your Raft Is In God’s Hands

When you feel like life has you stranded out on a raft, and the loneliness engulfs you remember your raft is in God’s hands.

Relishing The Ordinary

In relishing the ordinary I find that God is weaving me into a most exciting masterpiece. God turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

Turning Our Longing Into Something Sweet

Can Longing Be Sweet? I ponder this. But with prayer, turning our longing into something sweet is possible.

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