Seeking Wintry Dreams

Perhaps it is best to settle into the rhythm of whatever January – to gently take you along in Seeking Wintry Dreams, hopes, expectations.

Being Wise –

I could go on and on about the miracles of God’s grace in my life. What I believe is we need to listen to God’s directions and that being wise begins with listening.

Summer Days of Friendship

Changing the World With The Friendship

God’s Globe Podcast Episode 2

God’s Globe Podcast Episode 2 “Awakened & Restored”.

Five Best Shows To Watch/Stream This Easter

Faith On the Screen This Easter Season: The Christian Story of the Resurrection of Christ. So, I present to you the five best shows to watch/stream this Easter Season. These productions depict the story of the resurrection of Christ, the event that changed the world forever. I write this partly as a fan but alsoContinue reading “Five Best Shows To Watch/Stream This Easter”

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