A Little Goes a Long Way

BOOK REVIEW of A Little Goes a Long Way. What do we do when we feel that the little things, we do in life are insignificant?

The Possibility of the Impossible With God

God equips each of us with whatever He has called us to do. Therefore, we go from inadequate to enough because of the possibility of the impossible with God. For with God, all things are possible.

Loving as God Loves

Can we love as God loves – can we? How do we love God and each other? It may seem impossible to let go of past hurts, disappointments, and those tiny seeds of bitterness that linger. Or to forgive and love each other without moments of envy or misunderstandings that unleash words one should neverContinue reading “Loving as God Loves”

Here’s My Calendar, God

Will you hop on God’s path, with acts of obedience, turning your schedule over to God, our Master Planner? Saying, “Here’s My Calendar, God.”


God promises whoever asks shall receive, seeks finds, and knocks – the door opens. In a season of wait & explore, ask, seek, knock.

The Useful Noble Woman

In our daily lives, let us emulate godly attributes like love, charity, and hospitality. The useful noble woman is worth more than rubies.

Why Green Smoothies and Skincare?

Green Smoothies & Skin

Sometimes Life Gets Sticky

Sometimes life gets sticky. But perhaps life is meant to get sticky, leading to a wonderfulness that grows and challenges us.

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