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Write 28 Days of Prayer Poems

Write 28 Days - Prayer Poems for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life blogging challenge for February 2022. Join me daily.

Write 28 Days - Prayer Poems for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life blogging challenge for February 2022. Join me daily.

– for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life

Write 28 Days

Write 28 Days of Prayer Poems

I have joined the #write28Days blogging challenge for February 2022. I will write from an assigned keyword throughout February and then link them here for you. Happy to have you reading “Write 28 Days of Prayer Poems for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life.”

Day 1: Longing

Welcome! This is my first post for the “write28days” challenge where I will write throughout this February. Each post is from an assigned keyword, and today’s word is “Longing”. Enjoy my new prayer poem “Turning Our Longing Into Something Sweet”!

Day 2: Ordinary

In relishing the ordinary I find that God is weaving me into a most exciting masterpiece. God turns the ordinary into extraordinary. RELISHING THE ORDINARY

Day 3: Raft

When you feel like life has you stranded out on a raft, and the loneliness engulfs you remember your raft is in God’s hands.

Day 4: Nesting

God reveals my need to feel safe and comforted. This need transforms my emotional and spiritual state while nesting my home, heart and Soul.

Day 5: Sheep

Like a lost sheep – If you are lost and alone turn to Jesus, who will shepherd you home. He will comfort you and protect you. #write28days

Day 6: Ease

Join me here in a prayer to Jesus to ease any suffering or burdens you may be carrying – “When I Ease Into Your Way“.

Day 7: Worthy

We feel unworthy when we do not know God’s promises. Moreover, God’s promises show us that we are worthy. Worthy because He lives.

Day: Devastation

Come see what God can do. Wherever you are in life – smooth sailing or on the edge of an abyss – God can turn your devastation to restoration.

Day 9: Elegance

The elegance of God’s song is in our hearts radiating grace and beauty inside and out. Be the beautiful daughter God created you to be.

Day 10:

When we focus on God, we receive peace of mind. Trust in the Lord and receive the imperturbable calm of Jesus.

Day 11: Leave

Leave your troubles behind. Stop worrying and seek peace by turning to the Prince of Peace. Jesus will never leave or forsake you.

Day 12: Caring

God encourages us to cast our care upon him – because he cares for us. We are to love one another as God loves us. Caring God’s Way.

Day 13: Tattered

God takes ragged hems and stitches them new. God’s rebirth and renewing turn this tattered gal of dust into a precious holy creature.

Day 14: Facts

Gathering love facts are essential and on this Valentine’s Day, know that you are loved, most importantly, by God above.

Day 15:

Do not entrap your heart – find shelter in our defender protector God. Because who can be against us when we have God?

Day 16: Voice

Spending our life with God through praise, worship, and prayer is joyful. Be a holy voice with your voice and God’s voice together.

Day 17: Voice

God wonderfully made each of us. He’s interested in the details of your life. Therefore, always know that you are unique, special, and loved.

Day 18: Useful

In our daily lives, let us emulate godly attributes like love, charity, and hospitality. The useful noble woman is worth more than rubies.

Day 19: Survive

Day 20: Bear

Jesus transforms your heart. Bear the Fruit of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Day 21: Adapt

When we worry about changes and transitions, we often feel overwhelmed. The solution is to adapt to God’s new things in your life.

Day 22: Complacency

God’s truth is the remedy for complacency. Remove blind spots and blurred vision by putting your trust in God.

Day 23: Environment

God made us stewards of His creations. We succeed when creating a mindful environment, tending to our homes and the gardens of the world.

Day 24: Unexpected

We never fully imagine God’s plans for us. When we walk in trust and faith, we receive this unexpected life of blessings and silver linings.

Day 25: Changing

Accepting Jesus as your Savior brings solace in an ever-changing world. Therefore, why not change in a changing world?

Day 26: Created

Day 27: Taboo

Jesus said to go into all the world and share the good news. Break free of faith taboos so you can plant seeds for the Kingdom.

Day 28: Tired

Are you weary, brokenhearted, and crushed? Oh, tired one rest by turning to Jesus who will carry your burdens.
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