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Welcomed Seasons & Extraordinary Adventures

Traveling through deep curving roads with the beauty of the countryside passing by – from ocean to woods to mountains! I find this November busier than last November! A busy work schedule followed by my wedding anniversary mountain trip to visits with family and friends, a stopover at an Island beach house, and more visits with family and friends at Thanksgiving. But it is a welcome season to spend time with loved ones. A season full of joyous gratitude.

Sometimes God takes us on a journey to be with those who we need to be with. In the process, I have learned to be more flexible and less selfish with my time, and ready to jump when God calls to send me on an exciting trip. Holding onto God’s grace to help me through any challenging moments. There are even times when I leave the suitcase packed. But for now, I have unpacked.

Joyful Gratitude Poem
Joyous Gratitude

Sitting down to reflect, I am thankful for all of our extraordinary adventures with the people in our lives. Together we shared meals and conversations, prayed, played mini-golf, and walked to the beach watching the sunset, all the while visiting those we love. From the mountains to the coast, wherever they are. It has been delightful driving through the gorgeous Southern states of Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee to see you all!

Resting in gratefulness….

And now, a moment of quiet is here. Yet filled with plenty of activities as we prepare for Christmas. I like getting the Christmas cards out, wrapping gifts, planning menus, and cookie baking. We decorate the tree, adorn the house with garland, hang the ornaments and lights, and put up the nativity.

November focuses on gratefulness as we gather together for Thanksgiving. Grateful for God’s blessings, family, and friends. For those God places in our lives to love. The jobs and lessons learned, and to be discovered.

Gratefulness is good for the heart, soul, and core of our very being. Therefore, it opens our hearts to the grace and beauty of Emmanuel – God with us, God in the flesh – the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

So, entering into December, as we prepare for Christmas, let our hearts fill with gratitude. Take moments to rest in solitude, pondering the glory of God. Above all, to see God’s tender loving handprints in all that we do and speak. Because God gives us the gift of love and joy, we can wash away any ingratitude. We can rejoice in thankful hearts with returned love. Let us give thanks in joyous gratitude.

Joyous Gratitude
Hilton Head Island, SC Sunset 2021

Let us come before his presence with thanksgiving,

and make a joyful noise unto him with psalms.

Psalm 95:2 KJV

Psalm 95:2

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