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Deborah Rutherford – POETRY

I’m Deborah and sometimes I write poems. Enjoy.

Poems expressing the love and gratitude of God’s grace, blessings, and beauty of His creations.

God’s Amazing Grace

Norris Lake, Tennesse

God, I hear your sweet voice in the whispers of the wind

In Your precious Word and songs of praise

In the constellations and beauty of nature

In the amazing grace that only You can give

Your voice indwells me with a love that brings me to broken reconciliation

To You, I can show my sorrow, my burden, my fear

You are so kind to hold these for me so that I am not weighed down

So that I am lifted for a moment to catch a glimpse of heaven

So that my anxiety turns from peace to calmness

And my sorrow turns to compassion and my fear to love

You transform the darkness into light

I feel Your light blessing me

I am humbled, held, and loved

You give this love to share and to shine

May the peace of God’s love shine into every area of your lives and hearts

God Bless, Deborah


The quiet reprise of the lullaby of rolling waves

Birds and conversations that meld into a kind of peace

The clouds that lift above the flat water look like hands clasping,

like angel wings

Grays blend into lavender into an almost whitish hue and soft blues

A force of pelicans flies on, seeming suspended in the air

yet moving on a mission

Panoramic vision

Although sunset is approaching, the kids play in the ocean and, others

at the sand’s edge building and scooping their castles

A delicate white bird looks for dinner while the smells

of salt and sunscreen linger

People of all ages walk the shore till the last drop of light

takes them away one by one

Daytona Shores, Florida

Snow Globe

I look out the kitchen window seeing the white blanketed backyard, then to the side kitchen windows, turning around I see through the house to the dining room bay window – snow is falling and it’s beautiful. This is what it must feel like to live in a snow globe – thank you God for your wonderful globe!

God’s Given World

Sunset settles into the quiet of my valley neighborhood
Gazing through the sliding glass door, two birds zoom by
Perhaps towards home before the dark comes
Tucked away and grateful for this sanctuary
What a splendid day it was
The yard was lush and stunning in blooming pink parfait roses
What beauty is our God-given world
Where sorrow and suffering exists
But at this peaceful moment, I feel God’s grace and thank, praise, and love Him
Now twilight, I am startled by a dark figure moving atop the fence
Leaning into the glass, I see glowing eyes and what may be a baby possum
Then I am surprised by a giant moth dashing by and then zigzagging off into the night
An enormous winged insect then sweeps in, attracted to the light
It is time for me to close the blinds
The grace of God is everywhere
As I leave the outside to the nocturnal
And ready myself to watch a movie or read a good book

Sheltered and Tender

Perched at the breakfast bar, with soothing cream-colored walls

I welcome the quiet time before the mechanical timer goes off

Content as the water begins to boil in the kettle,

My fingers rattling on the cool white and forest green tiles

 I welcome the familiar, comforting sound

As well as the mug of tea I soon will sip

I perceive your enveloping love dear Lord

Close under your wings

I shut my eyes, cherishing this moment

My unbridled joy across my face

Sheltered, warmed by the brilliant light

Of my protector, guide, and healer, my Lord

I suddenly sneeze interrupting my meditation

Yet I still feel so blessed

Thank you, Lord!

Afternoon Storm

I love these afternoon storms

When the rain comes pounding down

I’m on my back porch high up in the woods

With the deer, frogs and the bunnies

Oh, glorious Lord

Thank you

As the rain comes down

and the air cools

and the wind saunters in swaying in all her mightiness

and the trees bend to the left and then back

Oh, glorious Lord, what a beautiful world

You have given us

God’s Globe

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