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Pure Gentle Beauty

– Staying Beautiful as We Age

Do we struggle with the concept of staying beautiful as we age? God’s principles of pure gentle beauty can help.

I remember the first older woman I saw who I thought was so lovely, and I wanted to look like her one day. I was in my 20s at the time, and she was probably in her 70s, and she was illuminating. White hair, smooth, glowing skin, bright eyes, and a captivating smile – all while riding the RTD bus in Los Angeles. She was a diamond in the dark.

I have seen this kind of ageless beauty in various age groups. It seems not to be contained by our outside appearance but by something inside.

God Principles to Pure Gentle Beauty

I believe we too can stay beautiful as we age. Beauty is holistic – physical (outside & inside), spiritual, what you eat and drink, what you think, rest and relaxation, fun time, love, and gratitude.
Let’s apply some of God’s principles to beauty.

As God is beautiful and we are made in the image of God, then we are beautiful too. It is an attitude and mindset, but our culture has turned beauty into a superficial mask, making it almost impossible to match up. That is why many struggles with body image disorders. While in High School, I could not attain the “Seventeen Model” look, so I fell into Bulimia. I discuss this in “Why Green Smoothies and Skincare” (Read more here: Why Green Smoothies and Skincare? – God’s Globe by Deborah Rutherford).

New Attitudes in Staying Beautiful

That is why we must rid ourselves of worldly beauty concepts and attitudes, which usually point to our external reflection. There is nothing wrong with having nice hair, pretty makeup, and cute clothes, but if we start on the inside, we will develop a beauty that will stay with us no matter what is happening on the outside.

For example, if we gain or lose weight and our clothes don’t fit (I have been on both sides before), our confidence will not fail us with an inside full of God’s beauty confidence.

I have learned that when your clothes don’t fit, don’t stress, and do your best to get back on track with your eating and exercising plan.

Beauty Is Not Overdone

Beauty is not overdone – it is gentle and pure – pure gentle beauty. I use this principle in my makeup for myself or a client. Use beauty products to enhance our natural beauty. I believe God gives each one of us a unique feature. Mine would be my skin – I am blessed with nice skin, but I am aging, my eyebrows are thin, and my eyes are small. But by applying the not-over-done gentle and pure philosophy, I can enhance my eyebrows with a groomed but natural look. I can use delicate shadows, adding emphasis to my eyes, and pop my lips with an uplifting color to bring freshness to my face, much like putting a bouquet on the dining room table.

Look for your powerful features and enhance the others. Most importantly, be the beautiful daughter that God created you to be. Because we are beautiful in the eyes of God, we are beautiful in every stage of life. We can age gracefully by applying God’s principles to beauty and new attitudes.

Following are my pure gentle beauty Winter 2020 beauty tips for staying beautiful:

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