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Rest in His Timing, Way, Rhythms

Slow down to the incredible life God has planned for you as you rest in His timing, way, rhythms. Endearing moment by moments of God’s love. Join me in writing from the community of #Fiveminutefriday: keyword “fast.”

I have to remind myself to slow down often. God is growing me in His timing, not mine. My timing can lead to stress and striving. But God says not so fast, my daughter. Rest in His timing, way, and rhythms.

God shows us the most exciting way to live as we abide in Him. Taking us on journeys that we didn’t think possible. He has the most exciting plans for us, so trust, be still, wait, and know that God’s thoughts for you are thoughts of peace, love, gentleness, and oneness.

Childlike, I am in my Father’s arms. Simple and endearing moment by moments of God’s love.

Quiet and still in the Word, joyful in the revelations and understandings that the Spirit imparts to this young soul, growing her, transforming her, renewing her.

Thank you, Dear Heavenly Father. Forever grateful – Deborah

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