The Possibility of the Impossible With God

God equips each of us with whatever He has called us to do. Therefore, we go from inadequate to enough because of the possibility of the impossible with God. For with God, all things are possible.

Don’t Give Up – God’s Got You

God’s helping hand delivers you from discouraged to encouraged. Don’t give up because God’s got you.

Here’s My Calendar, God

Will you hop on God’s path, with acts of obedience, turning your schedule over to God, our Master Planner? Saying, “Here’s My Calendar, God.”

Leaning on God

Did I ever think I would be grateful for troubles? When life falls apart, I uncover who I am by leaning on God.

Prayer For Resting in God’s Timing, Ways, and Rhythm

“Prayer For Resting in God’s Timing, Ways, and Rhythm” is published in Aletheia Today (ATM, Summer 2022) Issue #1.

Rest in His Timing, Way, Rhythms

Slow down to the incredible life God has planned for you as you rest in His timing, way, rhythms. Endearing moment by moments of God’s love.

Find Joy In The Unchangeable One

Although circumstances in life are ever-changing, God never changes. Therefore, we find joy in the unchangeable One.

This Unexpected Life

28 Days of Prayer-Poems for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life Today is my twenty-fourth post for the #write28days challenge, which I will write throughout this February. Each post is from an assigned keyword, and today’s word is “unexpected” Enjoy my new prayer poem, “This Unexpected Life.” We never fully imagine God’s plans for us. WhenContinue reading “This Unexpected Life”

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