The Joy of Reflecting Jesus

Replace negative or comparison thoughts with beautiful God’s promises. This is the Joy of Reflecting Jesus.

Does Our Story Reflect Jesus?

Does our story reflect Jesus? By letting God transform and renew our minds we see His good and perfect will. Reflect Jesus, not the world.

God Keeps the Unkept Woods

God keeps the unkept woods. What would happen if we turned our lives over to God to keep? Be like flourishing woods, with God cultivating our new growth.

Messengers of God

As Christian disciples spread the gospel’s good news. By putting our lives into God’s hands, we can be successful messengers of God.

Caring God’s Way

God encourages us to cast our care upon him – because he cares for us. We are to love one another as God loves us. Caring God’s Way.

Homemade Valentine’s Day

Please join us in celebrating a Homemade Valentine’s Day. Our family tradition is full of romance, fun, and delicious food.

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