Spring in My New Heart

Prayer-poem – Jesus gives us a new heart which renews daily as we spend time in the Word with Him – Spring in my new heart! #Fiveminutefriday

For His Love is Easy

This is a prayer poem for comfort in times of unease where we can run into our Father’s arms for His love is easy. #Fiveminutefriday

Carry Us in Your Supernatural Ship

#Fiveminutefriday: keyword “carry”. May my new prayer poem, “Carry Us in Your Supernatural Ship,” ease burdens and bring comfort.

Tired One Rest

Are you weary, brokenhearted, and crushed? Oh, tired one rest by turning to Jesus who will carry your burdens.

Breaking Free of Faith Taboo

Jesus said to go into all the world and share the good news. Breaking free of faith taboos so you can plant seeds for the Kingdom.

Created in Love

We ought to love like the One who created us. As God’s image-bearers perhaps this is the moment for which we have been created.

Change in a Changing World

Accepting Jesus as your Savior brings solace in an ever-changing world. Therefore, why not change in a changing world?

This Unexpected Life

28 Days of Prayer-Poems for Faith, Spiritual Growth & Life Today is my twenty-fourth post for the #write28days challenge, which I will write throughout this February. Each post is from an assigned keyword, and today’s word is “unexpected” Enjoy my new prayer poem, “This Unexpected Life.” We never fully imagine God’s plans for us. WhenContinue reading “This Unexpected Life”

Creating A Mindful Environment

God made us stewards of His creations. We succeed when creating a mindful environment, tending to our homes and the gardens of the world.

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