The Joy of Reflecting Jesus

Replace negative or comparison thoughts with beautiful God’s promises. This is the Joy of Reflecting Jesus.

Does Our Story Reflect Jesus?

Does our story reflect Jesus? By letting God transform and renew our minds we see His good and perfect will. Reflect Jesus, not the world.

Messengers of God

As Christian disciples spread the gospel’s good news. By putting our lives into God’s hands, we can be successful messengers of God.

Breaking Free of Faith Taboo

Jesus said to go into all the world and share the good news. Breaking free of faith taboos so you can plant seeds for the Kingdom.

Leave Troubles Behind

Leave your troubles behind. Stop worrying and seek peace by turning to the Prince of Peace. Jesus will never leave or forsake you.

Worthy Because He Lives

We feel unworthy when we do not know God’s promises. Moreover, God’s promises show us that we are worthy. Worthy because He lives.

Relishing The Ordinary

In relishing the ordinary I find that God is weaving me into a most exciting masterpiece. God turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

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