God’s Next Assignment

Are you ready to receive God’s next assignment that will perhaps answer the prayers that you have been waiting for?

Are you ready to receive God’s next assignment that will perhaps answer the prayers that you have been waiting for?

God's Next Assignment

Imagine this – your prayers are answered and waiting for you. Many of us pray for new lives, beginnings, or changes. For instance, a new job, home, or a breakthrough in some area of our life. But are we doing what we need to do to receive these blessings?

What if God has already answered your prayers and He is waiting for you to activate them? Are you ready for God’s next assignment?

What do we need to do to get ready to receive these answers to our prayers? Likewise, to receive our blessings.

While waiting on God it is important that we practice active waiting. What does active waiting look like?

For me, it means getting prepared. For example, I had been off work for some time. I received a prospective work offer. Instead of being overjoyed, I was terrified, worried, and nervous. I thought I couldn’t do this, I’m not ready. Feeling weak, unable, unqualified, and all that. Regrets followed for thinking this way.

As I examine my fear and hesitation, I felt God saying get ready, get prepared. It wasn’t that I needed to take this particular job but in actuality God wanted me to get ready for the plans that He has for me. And I learned that I wasn’t ready for God’s perfect path.

God is sovereign overall including the details of our lives.

My active waiting included a hair appointment. I had not seen my hair wonders stylist Allison in over a year and promptly made an appointment. That also meant getting my doctor’s appointments in – my tune-up – as I call it.

Hair colored, cut and styled, and checkup all clear – I am ready and able. And almost immediately a job offer came in. I felt okay, I am ready. I can do this. It is time.

To help me in my active waiting my day begins with reading and bible study. Prayer opens me up to receive my next assignment through inspirations, promptings, and aha moments. God’s handprints and signposts are everywhere and show up when we need them most.

Jesus tells us not to worry about tomorrow. Because we are to focus on today for tomorrow has enough of its own troubles.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble“, said Jesus. Matthew 6:34 NKJV

Importantly, be prepared to receive God’s blessings and the prayers we have been asking for.

Our limited sight is why the future is unknown to us. But God’s sight is endless. If you let God steer your life, He will steer it in the right direction.

So, take your dreams, projects, goals, and work on them as diligently as you can.

Get ready and prepare. God has amazing plans for you so get ready to receive them.

We need to be ready for the opportunities that God gives us. To walk through the doors that He opens for us. Above all, be the best that we can be and God will the care of the rest. Lately, when I am getting ready to go out, I do my hair, makeup, and dress. When I reach my stopping point, I say, “this is the best that I can be right now,” and I let God take me the rest of the way.

So, get ready! I’ll be your cheerleader, prayer warrior, and motivational coach. We all need a little motivation.

Schedule that hair appointment. Also, work out and eat right, practice your instrument or language of choice, draw or paint, learn, study. Read!


We can be ready for God’s next assignment. So, let the excitement and anticipation build. Replace all anxiety and fear with faith in God’s awesome promises. God promises to provide for us the most perfect plan when we turn our lives over to the master builder, driver, sovereign Lord of all.

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