My Jesus Heart

My Jesus Heart

My Jesus Heart

You tell me to not forget your teachings. That way you fill my heart, my Jesus heart, and that is how I keep your commandments. Without you, I cannot do this for I am weak but you are strong!

You tell me that when I walk with you that I will have eternal life. But you also promise that in my physical earth world I will have peace of mind which will add length to my days and years to my life. Oh, it is healthy to LOVE YOU!

You tell me, “Do not let kindness and truth leave you”. Oh, that is so important! How sad, how awful, if they were to leave me or I must admit when it does leave me. When I’m reduced to a person I ought not to be. A shambled shell. Oh, don’t let kindness and truth leave me – dear God – keep them rooted strongly in me!

I will bind them about my neck as you instruct. Therefore, I will write them on the tablets of my heart as you command. Engraved there you are, fingerprints left where you made me. As the place you gave me deep in my heart yearns to be filled with you! 

Ah and Your promise. Your glorious promise! I will find favor and understanding in your sight dear God. Oh, that is enough, I am honored, humbled. But you also promise I will find sight and favor with men. 

Dear God – steer my truth and kindness, my heart, my Jesus Heart. Keep it strong beating to your love dear God! Thank you – thank you!

Love Deborah

My Jesus Heart

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