Whispers In The Wind

Dogwoods in the Yard

I walk through a world burdened with sorrows and tears. Where whispers in the wind assure me that green pastures and still waters are near.

As some of our loved ones say goodbye to their last earth evening welcoming the heavenly celebration.

From eyes closing, heart rests, breath still.

Dogwoods in the Yard
Dogwoods in the Yard

There is a little boy across the street who asked me if I wanted to hold his green slime ball. I looked at the ball, bright green and slimy. His face askew – he asked with the anticipation of sharing his cherished slime ball.

Even though this was last summer, during a pandemic, when all human touch was told to be taken away- I couldn’t do this – I did not want to not touch.

So, I said yes.

He handed me his green slime ball, wet and gooey. I braved a smile and he grinned ear to ear. And then he sneezed on me. I thought perfect. I thought perhaps I need this dear one’s germs.

As the days pass turning the year, I still believe I need that slime ball and all those delightful germs.

Wild Forest Flower
Wild Forest Flower

I sing joyous praises to our comforting God. Hallelujah!

What is your reality like dearest friends?

Has life returned to normal? Was it ever normal?

It’s okay to cry and mourn because deep down inside and maybe not so deep, we feel for others and ourselves. For those who have sorrow in their souls. For those who are suffering, those alone, and many who do not know what the future will bring. Let us have compassion for our fellow humans, animals and world.

I do not know about you but I do feel a shift in the cosmos.

This fallen world. This most precious sphere is feeling the effects of eons of sin upon it as we are. But do not worry about the sweet earth for this planet belongs to God as do we.

So, my quest and plead is that all of us flock to our good shepherd who will cradle His beloved during this storm and other storms. Perhaps what has happened to our world this past year is a wake-up call as no one knows the hour that Jesus will come.

But what I do know is that He will comfort you in these times.

Just all of a sudden, I had a feeling that some of us may really need to hear this now. Those who already believe and perhaps also those who don’t but who need encouragement and comfort.

So, with this, I leave a prayer of blessings upon you. That God in all His glory watches over you. That the peace of Jesus touches your heart with grace and love. That the Almighty who loves you so much accompanies you on your walk through the world sharing your valleys and mountains. Your joys and tears. That one day we walk hand and hand to the eternal gates of our forever home, where we’ll join the Angel chorus singing “Holy, holy, holy Lord God Almighty.” (Revelation 4:8)

Rain on an Iris
Rain on an Iris

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