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Listen to Episode 1: “Sometimes Life Gets Sticky”

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Episode 1 is the “Sometimes Life Gets Sticky” blog. See excerpt below.

Many moons back in the 1990’s I was a spoken word recording artist and have an album “Nocturnal” on New Alliance Records under Deborah Patino. You can find copies possibly on Amazon or ebay. It’s fun to revisit this medium of spoken word as a podcaster.

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When Don came into the kitchen later, I said pizza dough is sticky. Yes, he said it is sticky. I said pizza dough is hard. We smile and laugh. But it is so good!

Yes, sometimes life gets sticky but perhaps life is sometimes meant to get sticky. Perhaps it can sometimes lead to a wonderfulness that we would not know unless we had a challenge that took us there.

Excerpt from “Sometimes Life Gets Sticky”
God's Globe's New Pod Cast: What is God saying to me in the stickiness of pizza post?
God’s Globe’s New Podcast: “Sometimes Life Gets Sticky”

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