Sparking A Light, A Revolution of Love

A light came down from heaven, sparking a revolution by the one who truly loves us. God loves each of us in this broken, messy world of ours. We need a Messiah as we cannot possibly save ourselves. Therefore, God sent his Son, born into flesh, a baby in Bethlehem. Sparking a light, a revolution of love. This Christmas, be in God’s wonderland.

Christians walking with the light of Jesus, the Holy Spirit to shine through you – to be a messenger because the story must be told. God has entrusted us to tell the story. Of the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. Of salvation and eternal life. My friend, it is possible.

Be in the light, be with Christ, be in the Christmas that never ends. Christmas is God’s love story with us.

God's Wonderland

Be In It

God is all. Take a thrilling stroll in God’s awe-inspiring wonderland. Be in it.

Skate through snowy ice ponds, and sip piping hot chocolate. Sit in deep conversation with forever friends around a roaring fire pit roasting a squishy marshmallow. Be humble and kind. We can be a gift to others as they are to us.

The wonderland of Almighty God fills with love and blessings that stretch from the infinite heavens to all the earth.

Stars blanketed against spiraling galaxies. In the dewy morning, the breathtaking sunrises. Or a soft wind swirling dancing leaves about. The ocean sprays as the waves break to the seaside, and the salt lingers in our chests. Graceful trees turn in the seasons displaying a spectacular show of colors to delight and dazzle the eyes.

There are scents of fresh pine in the chill of winter and sweet-smelling honeysuckle in the spring.

Across the world, magnificent herds of animals – elephants, gazelles, deer, elk, bison – all so magnificent. The enormous seas are full of amazing creatures, small and large. Likewise, the open, brilliant sky with flocks of birds.

See wherever you are…

At home, I hear a dog barking down the street as the streetlights turn on. In the twilight, an owl hoots. The next day, a morning dove sings a soothing song. And to top it all off, my husband and I watch a graceful red cardinal explore our deck full of acorns and seeds.

God seeds that grow into swaddling babies, as well as evergreens. Our God gives breath, life, seeds, and all we need – the air, water, food, and the earth.

God is our master architect, builder, and creator, with every detail perfect and glorious.

We are His genuine creation finished with God’s building blocks. Therefore, giving us the desire to love, sing, dance, and be with God.

In God’s Wonderland – there is an orchestration of exquisite music even in the silence of nature.

I believe the grace and beauty in each one of God’s magnificent creations grow gratefulness in our hearts to sustain us in a world that is at times not of God’s love. If we let God’s love abide in us, we can truly love. Because that is what we were made for. To be like God. To love like God. If we focus on this truth and fill our hearts with the love of God and not the circumstances around us, we will have the peace of God. There is an orchestration of exquisite music even in the silence of nature. God’s masterpieces are the purest love ever.

Peace, I leave with you…

The peace of Jesus sustains in the valleys and mountains, the struggles and the challenges of life. I certainly needed the promises of Jesus when I awoke from a tranquil sleep the other morning only to read that many in our country had been ravaged by storms. May all of those suffering find peace and comfort in Jesus.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

We are God’s beloved. Soar into new heights with the one who truly loves you! Let love overflow in grateful joy, experiencing God’s love story, land of marvels – God’s wonderland -like never before. Be in the light, be with Christ, and be in the Christmas that never ends.

Love, Deborah

God's Wonderland
God’s Wonderland
God's Wonderland
God’s Wonderland

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God's Wonderland
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God's Wonderland

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